What makes LED signs top demanding?

The sole purpose of using signage is to catch the attention of people passing by. The more commuters get to see your brand’s signage the more well known your company will be. Custom business LED signs help you do just that!

Let’s see how:

  • Life span- LED lights when purchased from reputable brands offer lighting for a minimum of 100,000 hours, which is the equivalent of 11.4 years if kept on continuously.
  • Wide view angle- Based on the application, the viewing angles will obviously vary. Internal displays offer 160 degrees viewing angle while external LED’s offer around 60 to 90 degrees since more focused light is necessary for high ambient lighting conditions.
  • Brightness- When you consider brightness, led signs for business offer ultra bright signage, but the brightness differ with viewing angle and color. This does not matter because the typical MCD values in most display panels are no less than 20 and goes up to 3000 for certain brightness applications. Every led sign manufacturer uses the LED based on the requirement of the client so that the need of the client is fulfilled.
  • Easy on maintenance- The maintenance aspect of LED signs for business is relatively low. These signs are designed to be maintenance free and all you need to do is periodically have them cleaned so that they look presentable.
  • Easy installation- Most custom business led signs are designed with the easy plug and play installation feature. This is why most customers choose to install and load their own software with the help of the instruction guide offered with each LED display.
  • Viewing distance- Every LED sign manufacturer states that if you consider font character height in mm and half this value then it represents the maximum viewing distance recommended by manufacturers, which turns out to be around 100 mm font height can be read from a maximum distance of 50 meters.

So, if you want the most flexible and hassle free signage solution, then you must opt for LED signage.

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