Sign Types

Channel Letters

These 3D letters are constructed of aluminum and acrylic materials and are lighted internally with energy-efficient LEDs. (Do not invest in neon, it raises your electric bill and is costly to repair.) The advantages of investing in this sign option is that Channel Letters provide high impact advertising for your business 24/7/365 and are highly visible which is easier for potential customers to notice, especially at night, and gives your business that solid image that you're here to stay. LA Signs uses only 5 year manufacture warranty LEDs in channel letters we sell, nothing less.

Illuminated Sign Cabinets

Typically manufactured in rectangle shape, this type of sign is another option for business owners. These signs are constructed with aluminum materials and are illuminated with High Output Light Bulbs or with LEDs. The faces of the sign are made from a polycarbonate plastic (nearly impossible to break) and your company's image applied to the material in vinyl or paint. While this type of sign can sufficiently display your company's name or image, it is limited in its viewing distance and legibility and your company's overall image can blend in and go unnoticed.

Electronic Message Centers

Is investing in an electronic message center really worth the investment? Absolutely! Take into consideration how this investment can affect your revenue.

Increased Revenue

  1. Instant increase in sales
  2. Increase impulse buying
  3. Create community awareness
  1. Promote higher profit items
  2. Targeted marketing
  3. Increase and maximize profits

Lower Cost Advertising

The cost of advertising with an EMC is 40-60% less per thousand viewers than other methods of advertising. You can lower advertising budgets by eliminating banners and static signs because EMC have the flexibility to change your messages on the go.


  1. LED displays are efficient- LED displays are energy efficient reducing costs up to 95% (compared to incandescent systems)
  2. Long LED lamp life- Over 100,000 hours (approx. 10 years).
  1. Weather resistant
  2. Low maintenance
  3. High resolution and clarity

Dimensional Lettering

Your office sign, especially your company's identity in the lobby area should make a great first impression. We will provide you with the best, most creative ideas, and implement them quickly for you.

Directional Signs

Directional signs are the perfect way-finding system for any business or office. Directional signs help people find their way, and are an excellent navigational tool if used correctly. A directional sign can also help reduce a number of time employees spend giving directions. They can be made in virtually any color, size, or shape.

ADA Signs

Signage is an integral component of any interior space. It guides people, provides messages, enhances a facility's image, promotes a corporate identity, and should effectively complement your interior design.

Monument Signs

Monument Signs play an important role in attracting customers to your business. A well-designed monument can make a big difference in the exposure and traffic directed to your business or property. LA Signs has both the design and experience to ensure your monument sign draws the attention you expect and the durability to last for years.

Awnings and Canopies

Distinguish your business with a unique fabric awning or fabric canopy. A smart way to communicate your character, add beauty to your workplace, expand your space, provide energy-saving protection from the elements and offer a stylish welcome to customers. Awnings and canopies create a handsome complement to your architecture.



If you need expert consulting for sign design, fabrication, and installation, L.A. Sign Service offers complete services, a la carte and independent of purchasing sign fabrication. If you're out of town, you might use our bid review services, or choose from our expert design and fabrication services.


We offer complete design services for all kinds of signs - logos, illuminated, interior, directional, architectural, banners and more. Our expert design team can do it all, start from scratch sign design to logo tweaking or even modifying existing signage at L.A. Sign Service we can turn your sign ideas into reality.

Sign Permits and Variances

When it comes to installing signs, there are sign ordinances unique to each municipality or township in which a sign will be placed. Add permits, variances and planning and zoning reviews and you're sure to be left scratching your head... That's where we can help! With L.A. Sign Service, we can relieve you of this overwhelming work so that you can focus all of your attention with YOUR business.

Sign Installation

Do you have a sign and need it installed? Or perhaps you need to take down a sign... in either case, at L.A. Sign Service, we have a fleet of custom sign installation trucks that can install or remove your sign at a moments notice. We follow all OSHA requirements and use experienced sign installers to perform proper installations of signs.

Sign Repair and Refurbishment

Repair: If your sign is starting to show wear or it has several components that are broken, chances are the experts at L.A. Sign Repair Service can fix it - from lighting to electrical to structural. If it is repairable, we'll fix it right and to code, so that your original investment is protected

Refurbishment: Sometimes, an older sign simply needs "freshening up": new faces, painting, updated electrical or a general clean up. By using L.A. Sign Service you will be protecting your sign investment.