Guidelines to follow while installing signage

Signage has always been an integral part of every business enterprise and every company uses it as an effective tool to promote their business with the motive of bringing in new customers. Therefore, it is very important to consider proper techniques that should be used while designing and having a custom sign installation done for your company. 

Things to consider

Be it banners, trade show exhibit graphic designs or logo designs, each sign needs to get attention and the tips mentioned below will help to not waste your signage dollars.

  • Back to basics- The main purpose of a sign is to get noticed. The best way for your sign to get noticed is to ensure that it is highly visible and is easy to read. If you avail a good signage solution for sign installation mobile then you would want to ask your sign company, where would be the best place to mount your sign and for how long. An expert will be able to tell you this with respect to the type of company you own. Moreover, you will need to consider how far the distance between your sign and your viewer will be since this will determine the size of the sign and its font size.
  • Make it captivating- Just getting the placement, size and visibility aspect right is only the start. To get people to remember your sign you will have to make it stand out. Choose a vibrant and interesting colour for the slogan and a different colour for the logo. Take advice from your custom sign installation consultant for this aspect. Have the logo designed by a good graphic designer who specialises in this field. Your logo is your brand sign so you need to make it look really special.
  • Attract the viewer- Do what it takes to catch people’s attention even if it means putting an interesting picture that captures the essence of your brand. For example- If you are a toothpaste brand, then have a picture of a smiling face with good teeth beside the signage. A competent service for sign installation mobile will know this and will be able to help you out, so take their advice.
Finally, use LED lights since they really brighten your sign and they consume very less power. Following these steps will ensure that you have a good sign to display.

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