Our Services

Quality Signs Alabama Businesses Choose

When it comes to signs, Alabama businesses rely on the quality and experience offered at L A Signs. We offer a variety of services aside from simply manufacturing your sign, including the following:


If you need expert consulting for sign design, fabrication and installation, L A Signs offers complete services, a la carte and independent of purchasing sign fabrication. If you’re out of town, you might use our bid review service, or choose from our expert design and fabrication services.


We offer complete design services for all kinds of signs – logos, illuminated, exterior, interior, directional, architectural, banners and more. Our expert design team can do it all, start from scratch sign design to logo tweaking or even modifying existing signage. We can turn your sign ideas into reality.

Sign Permits and Variances

When it comes to installing signs, there are sign ordinances unique to each municipality or township in which a sign will be placed. Add permits, variances, and planning and zoning reviews and you’re sure to be left scratching your head. That’s where we can help! With L.A. Sign Service, we can relieve you of this overwhelming work so that you can focus all of your attention on YOUR business.

Sign Installation

Do you have a sign and need it installed? Or perhaps you need to take down a sign… in either case, at L A Signs, we have a fleet of custom sign installation trucks that can install or remove your sign at a moment’s notice. We follow all OSHA requirements and use experienced sign installers to perform proper installations of signs.

Sign Repair

If your sign is starting to show wear or it has several components that are broken, chances are the experts at L A Signs can fix it – from lighting to electrical to structural. If it is repairable, we’ll fix it right and to code, so that your original investment is protected.

Sign Refurbishment

Sometimes, an older sign simply needs “freshening up”: new faces, painting, updated electrical or a general clean up. By using L A Signs you will be protecting your sign investment.

For professional signs, Alabama businesses call on L A Signs. We offer a wide array of services to help make your sign installation as easy as possible. Customer service is our #1 priority, and we are devoted to offering you the best deal for your sign. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!