Business Sign Considerations for Mobile, AL

By not having a great business sign in Mobile, AL, chances are great that the public will not take notice of your business at best and form an unfavorable opinion of your business at worst. Building brand awareness is a critical factor for success. Your sign must be well-executed, clear and visible. It should be informative without being wordy. It should be catchy without being over-the-top.


A sign lets the public know you exist. A good sign lets everyone know what you do, the hours you’re available to do it and how to contact you so people can utilize your products and services. Signage is a necessity when it comes to running a successful business. Unfortunately, most new business owners are unsure how to go about choosing the right sign for their business. Most new business owners are totally unaware of how to go about properly choosing the correct sign for their business. As a result, we’ve put together this simple guide to assist you in making the correct choices that will result in increased sales and a positive ROI.


The first step in choosing a great sign is to consider this; your sign is your first impression. It’s the first thing people see when they come into your business or take notice of it for the first time.


The second step in choosing the right sign for your business is choosing a location that will grab your customer’s attention. It must be visible, easy to read and simple enough for someone to see if they’re driving down the road. Here are a few simple tips to help you choose the perfect business sign.


Sign Information

The best way to include information on any business sign in Mobile, AL is to remember that simplicity rules. The basic information is all that’s necessary. The information on the sign you choose should be simple to read. It should include information such as the name of your business, the hours of your business, the website of your business and the contact information for your business. This allows people to grab this information or snap a quick picture of it on the go when you’re closed, or they just want to call for more information. Too much information and people will ignore your sign. They want simple, direct and to the point.

If you need to, include the address of your business and a simple call to action. Call to action is a simple phrase that tells people what to do so that they do it. For example, all you have to do to call people to action is say, “Call us now,” or “Schedule a consultation today,” and people will comply. If you have additional room on your sign and want to include a little more information, including your twitter handle (@mobilecountybusiness) or your slogan (We’re better than the rest).



Sign Placement

There are different forms of placement to consider when choosing a sign for your new business in Mobile. Whether your sign is on your storefront window or on a billboard, it must be placed correctly. People will assume your store hours and information is provided somewhere easy to find. This is usually right on the door or next to it. Place this sign too far away and people will move on. They want to find this information immediately and without difficulty or additional work on their part. The need to look around for this info is going to make customers assume that if it’s this difficult to find your hours; it’s probably not any easier working with you.


Signs along the side of the road in Mobile County AL should be placed so that they’re visible from every possible angle. They should not be partially blocked by trees, power lines or other signs. You’ll want to consider height as well as placement, because sometimes a sign slightly taller or shorter than others is more noticeable, which is always favorable for your business.


Business Sign Size

Size is relative to location. A large sign should be large enough that people can read it from a distance. It should be large enough that people passing by in their vehicles can see it from far away rather than straining to catch a glimpse of it as they whiz by each day. A sign that requires a driver to turn his or her head is considered dangerous and ineffective for business owners. Furthermore, large signs for important items should be considered. For example, if your business consists of selling retail products, you’ll want large sales signs and large bathroom signs that are easy to read and correctly sized for their placement and function.


Business Sign Design

Now that you know what you want your sign to say and where you want it to go, you need to know what it says in between the lines. The design you choose says just as much about your business as your business name and description. Bold colors are easier to read, more noticeable and more appealing to buyers and clients. However, if you choose more than one, they must complement one another. Using unflattering colors turns potential customers off.

Readability is another important factor to consider. If clients cannot read your sign, they’re going to ignore it. You need to ensure your words are large enough, bright enough and written so they’re readable to all. Capital letters all the way across is considered more difficult to read. A mixture of upper and lowercase letters is considered simple to read. Fancy fonts are often a bit more difficult to decipher than simple fonts. Multiple fonts are confusing and difficult for some to comprehend.

Most importantly, choosing a logo or graphic that’s unique draws even more attention to your business. This can be something you design on your own or something you have someone else come up with. As long as it is unique, it’s going to catch the attention of your potential and future clients.