ADA Signage Requirements

Giving proper identification and direction to rooms in a facility and spatial areas are the backbone of an effective interior navigation system. Federal law mandates that we also adhere to guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure that such signage works for everyone.

The guidelines, and the Act itself, are ever evolving and at times downright confusing, but you can trust the Sign Professionals at LA Signs in Mobile, AL to assist you in choosing the right ADA compliant signage and still maintain your desired appearance and company branding. We can help no matter what the situation, from a new facility design or a facility remodel you can rely on LA Signs to advise you on proper ADA signage requirements,.

Our experienced craftspeople use the finest materials and proven fabrication techniques to meet exacting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications and design requirements for ADA signage. Our Identification Series comes in ADA ready tactile signage or plaque signage that can be customized to your specific environmental design and facility requirements.


ADA Compliancy

Our professionals are well versed with the codes and regulations established by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), and with their constant evolution. LA Signs will ensure that your signage will meet the mark set by the ADA.

Displaying your ADA signs correctly will promote safety for everyone. It's important that road signs on your organization's property adhere to all guidelines to avoid being held liable for any accidents and injuries that may happen on your property. All signs and posts should be ordered from experienced and legitimate suppliers like LA Signs in Mobile AL. Reputable suppliers will always provide you with signs that are compliant with all federal codes and regulations.

All ADA signs must be mounted on FHWA-approved perforated square steel posts to make them outstanding on the roadside. These posts are installed at an optimum height that enables all drivers, regardless of vehicle, to see them clearly. For indoor signs, those identifying rooms and spaces should be located adjacent to the door. They must also have non-glare characters and backgrounds.

Some outside signage applications include:

The indoor ADA signs must have a great dark-to-light contrast between the background and the characters for clarity purposes. The difference enables even visually-impaired individuals to read the signs easily. Additionally, the directional and informational signs should use the simple upper and lower case letters for quick and easy readability.

To learn more about standards related to ADA signs, call your local ADA Signage Experts at LA Signs today. (251) 583-2759